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Our Specialties

Blogging and guest writing

Blogs are the first thing most business owners think about when we say "content." But even blogs can be used and written strategically to do more than fill your site map. Ask about guest writing, SEO optimization and content optimization from your blog, to YouTube, to social!

Website copy

You know you have to fill your webpage. But then, what about the structure and strategy behind it? Is your website organized in a way that will take visitors where they need to go? Do you have a sales funnel to maximize? How about a downloadable white paper to capture email addresses?

Content consulting

Everything from our copy editing to help building a multi-channel content strategy falls under our “consulting” umbrella. If you just want a sanity check on your own ideas, we can help. Or, if you don’t trust yourself to come up with the ideas (or don’t have the time to), we can work the strategy for you.

Social media and video

Social media is a biggie, but it's a lot more than the graphic aspect. Content has to have a strategy and a purpose in order to serve your company. That's where we come in. We get the strategy figured out, then the graphics, and even help with backlinking to and from partner pages. Whatever will help you put social media to good use.

Ghost writing

Have a great idea, but no time to write it? Or, if you do have the time, think you might fall short of your own expectations? We have a process that starts with extensive interviews and ends with equally extensive rounds of revision. We can take your idea and your voice, and put them to paper.

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À la carte copy writing

We’re ready to write all kinds of content—anywhere your brand's voice should be heard. If you just need a couple of one-time gigs, like press releases, brochures, mailers, newsletters, or whatever else, count us in. For those of you who already use Content In Motion for another service, à la carte carries a discounted hourly fee.

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